The SEARCH option is only available if you have an internet connection.

The SCRIPTURE TEXT option is available by entering a valid Book abbreviation followed by chapter and verse. Books with only one chapter must still include chapter 1 as part of the entry.

EXAMPLES: Psa. 23:1; Matt. 24:3; 1 Cor. 9:15; Jude 1:24; etc.
[NOTE: Be sure to include a SPACE in 1 Cor. or other similar books.]

EXTENDED SEARCH OPTIONS use parentheses and BOOLEAN OPERATORS as shown below.
Searches can be restricted to a portion of the HTDB. See below under RESTRICTED SEARCH.
Uppercase / lowercase is not relevant, and neither is punctuation.
These searches will be slower than traditional searches.

Use parentheses to denote a specific phrase:
Example: K>(God is love)
Example: V>(restitution of all things)
Example: (second chance)

+ is the INCLUDE (AND) operator:
Example: V>(Gospel age) + harvest
Example: V>wisdom + justice + love + power
Example: (Jewish age) + (Gospel age) + (Millennial age)

- is the EXCLUDE (NOT) operator:
Example: V>(end of the age) - harvest
Example: V>(end of the age) - (Jewish harvest)
Example: Armageddon - battle - (day of vengeance)

| is the OR operator:
Example: T>justification | sanctification | righteousness
Example: D>(day of vengeance) | (battle of Armageddon)

Most operators can be combined.
Example: V>harvest + (Gospel | Jewish | Millennial)
Example: weeping + gnashing + teeth - (outer darkness)

Nested parentheses are not permitted.

A RESTRICTED SEARCH of a portion of the database is possible by using a special prefix followed by the greater than sign (">"). Use the following table.

NOTE: Do NOT put a space before or after the ">" [greater than sign]. Examples were given foregong.

O>Old testament
N>New testament

K+>Bible [ALL versions]
O+>Old Testament [ALL versions]
N+>New Testament [ALL versions]

KS>Bible [Strongs numbers]
OS>Old Testament [Strongs numbers]
NS>New Testament [Strongs numbers]

A>Volume 1
B>Volume 2
C>Volume 3
D>Volume 4
E>Volume 5
F>Volume 6
V>Volumes plus Tabernacle

R>Reprints / Original Towers
Z>Reprints plus miscellaneous content from Original Towers

S>Songs in the Night
PD>Photodrama of Creation
H>Hymns of Millennial Dawn
P>Exceeding Great and Precious Promises / Poems of Dawn
Q>Question Book
SP>Speakers Itineraries
X>Expanded Biblical Comments